Vigour implies more than just energy. When we apply vigour to what we do it means that we look at the world with freshness and passion to deliver solutions that are effective and purposeful. Thanks to our vigour we are able to excite our co-workers and our business partners to join us in a collaborative relationship for years to come.


For Nessi, together means that we work with transparency towards the customer to the ultimate satisfaction of our business partners. We stand side by side with our business partners to face the same problems they are facing. Together also means that we value our own team and be genuine with the people we work with. No one will be left in the cold, as together implies colleagues back one another up in their challenges as if these were their own.


With resilience we mean that as a group of people and as a company we can remain steadfast in adverse conditions. We stand by our fellow colleagues in difficult times. No matter what is thrown at us, we know we have the resolve as a team to achieve the goals we set out for ourselves, no matter what external circumstances might throw at us. It means we are nimble enough to change course and stubborn/robust/persistent enough to hold to our course if that is the best resolution.


Nessi engages people to pick up the baton and go the extra mile. Engaging yourself to Nessi means being versatile with your talents and enjoy your work process. We engage ourselves to the customer to deliver beyond expectation within the determined framework of time and cost. We engage ourselves to the community to be a valuable member the microcosm of business software implementers and of greater society.


Curious for the lack of a better word encompasses all those feelings that burn so strongly in all of us, to arrive at a creative solution and to achieve a certain elegance in our work. It means that we are interested in our customer’s problems and are willing to walk away from the trodden path in search of meaningful answers.