Managing your Application Lifecycle

Solution Manager

Streamline business processes, discover improvement options, increase operational efficiency and minimize risk with your maintenance agreement using SAP’s flagship application lifecycle management tool SAP Solution Manager.

SAP Solution Manager can be your basis tool to build your S/4 migration on, from a readiness check to guiding you through the actual migration process.

Nessi’s Solution Manager expertise group is lead by our Solution Manager SAP Mentor who is actively involved with SAP in co-developing the solution. Our expertise in this area goes beyond the standard …

Solution manager offers different use cases for Application lifecycle management like:

  • Application operations
  • Business Process operations
  • Data Volume management
  • Change control management
  • Custom code management
  • IT Service management
  • Landscape management
  • Process management
  • Project management
  • Test Suite
  • Focused Build and Focused insights

By its SAP Mentor Tom Cenens, Nessi is the perfect advisor to apply Solution Manager in your SAP landscape.

Digital Transformation

Cloud Services

We support our customers in their Digital Transformation journey. It is a basic component for the Digital Economy we are heading to and an important component to drive technological innovation and support agile competitiveness and strategic growth.

Nessi takes away your concerns on buying, installing, housing and monitoring your SAP landscape. As partners of both Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure) we can offer you different options on moving your infrastructure to the cloud.

Our team is ready to discuss with you the different options and roadmaps towards a coherent and future proof cloud strategy.

Service Desk

Technical and Functional Support

Our service desk is skilled to support your on-premise or cloud environment both from a technical and a functional/business point of view. As SAP Partner Center of Expertise we are recognized by SAP to perform these tasks for our customers conform the quality guidelines defined by SAP.


Basis / BC Support

Our SAP Basis team is perfectly skilled to support you in managing and executing the Basis operations of your technical SAP landscape. We can help you both in long term assignments as in dedicated technical projects to improve the quality of your environment.