Sofie’s testimonial


Before joining Nessi, I used to suffer from a professional fear of missing out. When asked where I saw myself five years from now, “everywhere” was my answer. At Nessi, that is exactly what I’m doing. I do not have to limit myself to one SAP module, or one sector. I get to go wherever I can find a new challenge. And the best thing is… I’m surrounded by colleagues who feel the same way!

Sofie De Boodt
Finance Expert
and an art lover

It’s all about culture

Why you will love it @ Nessi

All consulting companies will promise you lots of training, a worked out career path and a future in which you will really have an impact. At Nessi we don’t give you any guarantee. It will be up to you to make your success. We will be an enabler, we will motivate you to take initiative, we will encourage you to come up with a business plan, we will invest in initiatives you want to launch. But you will always remain in the driving seat ! That’s our culture. As a big family with very few hierarchical lines, with very open communication. Nessies decide together the road we will be taking in the future. It’s up to you to shape your career in this future.

Lies’s testimonial

Just fun !

I love working at Nessi because of the trust and freedom I receive from our managing director to do what I like to do and where I’m good at. At Nessi we have a flat hierarchy which allows us Nessies to take up responsibility and build Nessi’s future together.

I have a lively bunch of clever and outspoken colleagues who keep me on my toes to stay up-to-date.

Nessi organizes several fun activities and of course a yearly company trip from London to Mallorca which no Nessie wants to skip.

Lies Huyghe
Senior Logistics Consultant
with Miley

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Yannick Lamoen
Senior Logistics Consultant
and a Badminton player

Yannick’s testimonial


Being the youngest and least experienced member of the team, I was a little afraid of not being able to follow my experienced colleagues when I joined Nessi. However, immediately it became clear that everyone is very willing to share their knowledge and make time for you to bring you up to speed. The potential to learn new things is enormous!