Nessi’s approach

When a potential customer talks to us, we will send Nessies that speak your language, who can convince you and understand your issues and your challenges. Because that’s what we have to agree upon in the first place; how your organisation can improve after implementing an ERP solution.

Once we know your painpoints, we will design a solution to handle them in the best way and fits the size of your company. We will do this by being innovative in bringing business and IT together, by being transparent in our communication and by proving ourselves as being a reliable partner for your journey.

After the on-boarding process, Nessi will build a team around the project we defined together, by selecting the best people based on business skills, IT skills matching the culture of your company. With this expert-driven team we will succeed together in delivering ‘our’ project and formulating answers to the initial painpoints.

We chose Nessi as partner for our ERP project. It was cristal clear that they own the expertise and the experience to integrate the processes we are confronted with in our industry

Haffid El Khattabi
IT & Digital
Transformation Manager