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A quick interview with Sofie Posson, Sales & Account manager at Nessi

Question: What is your role at Nessi?

Answer: As Sales & Accountmanager for Nessi, I work together with our customers to help them achieve their goals. I find it important to have a regular personal contact with our customers so that I can identify the right set of products and services to help them achieve their goals. It’s a continuous cycle where I capture our customers concerns, create new opportunities, and maintain a successful and long-term cooperation.

Question: We just recently saw you play a concert on the violin. Can you tell us more about the concert?


The concert featured a show with Guido De Neve as solo artist for the Violin concert of Brahms in D key with Tom Van den Eynde as conductor.

The program was:

Mendelssohn / Nocturn for the blowers
Schubert / Symphonie N°8 “Unfinished”
Brahms / Violin concert in D key

Question: Can you tell us how you became a violin player and your history of playing the violin?

Answer: I learned to play the violin when I was five years old, according to the Suziki method with a private tutor, Valère Leenarts. He was the conductor of the youth orchestra in Turnhout which I joined at eight year old. I played with this orchestra up till the age of fourteen. After that, I played in a band of my cousin. I still enjoyed playing an instrument but with a twist, I bought an amplifier for my violin so I could play like Vanessa Mae. I’ve played on several small and local festivals. After that, I stopped playing violin for a while since I went to study in Antwerp. That opened up a whole new world for me.

Then, for a long time, I barely played: every now and then I played a piece at a wedding or a family reunion. The appetite to play came back when we lived abroad for a work assignment of my husband. I had time again to practice music. I played for the orchestra of Neustadt an der Weinstrasse. It brought back the joy of playing and ever since I did not stop. Now I rehearse once a week with the orchestra of Mechelen and we are continuously working on new concerts. Unfortunately that has been halted again due to Corona. Let’s cross our fingers that this Corona nightmare is soon over so I can play the violin in the orchestra again with all my hearth.

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